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Jean Haëntjens

Economist and urban planner, Jean Haëntjens was leading the urban planning agency of Saint-Nazaire when the city underwent a remarkable transformation. He is now advising local...

Jorge Pérez Jaramillo

rchitect based in Medellín, Colombia, former City Planning Director, Medellín from 2012 to 2015, he was Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Universidad...

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Erick Rivard

Architect and urban designer, Erick Rivard has a very diverse experience ranging from university teaching (Université Laval) to private practice (Group A). Often consulted for urban planning projects by public authorities, he is also the initiator of innovative urban design projects in Quebec City, such as the Stationnement pour piétons and Plaza Limoilou.

Nik Luka

Associate Professor at McGill’s Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture (joint appointment with Urban Planning), Nik Luka's research examines the production of public space, infrastructure, and housing. He is affiliated with several research teams in Canada, Sweden, Germany, and the US focusing on these topics.

Guillaume Lavoie

A specialist in public policy and the collaborative economy, Guillaume Lavoie has worked in almost all areas of public affairs, in Canada and abroad. Currently a lecturer at the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), he was a city councilor at the City of Montreal and a media analyst. A committed social entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of the neoclassical college.

Pierre Racicot

Pierre Racicot is a long-time sociologist involved in municipal politics and regional development. Founding member of the Rassemblement populaire de Québec and current president of Villes et régions innovantes (VRIc), a network of circular economy, his areas of expertise include the circular economy, regional development and citizen participation.

Richard Shearmur

Professor at the School of Urban Planning at McGill University, he is a specialist in regional economy. His numerous scientific publications focus on innovation, regional development, real estate, and their interrelation.

David Wachsmuth

David Wachsmuth is the Canada Research Chair in Governance at McGill University, where he is also an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning. He runs UPGo, the Urban Politics and Governance research group, where he investigates pressing urban governance problems which exceed the boundaries of cities.

Jean Mercier

Politics and public administration specialist, his works cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from sustainable transport and governance to the socio-political dimensions of contemporary cinema. He is professor of political science at Université Laval.

Juan Torres

Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the Université de Montréal, Juan Torres is known for his involvement in research on childhood, sustainable transport and urban design. Moreover, he participates in research projects abroad, particularly in Mexico.

Rachida Azdouz

Psychologist specialized in intercultural relations, Rachida Azdouz teaches at the University of Montreal and is often requested by the media to analyze intercultural conflicts, to which she brings constructive elements of reflection.

Marie-France Bellemare

Through her many years of experience in the social economy, Marie-France Bellemare has focused on developing new solutions to address urban devitalization, poverty and exclusion. She now collaborates with the TIESS (Innovative Territories in Social and Solidarity Economy).

Anne Cormier

Founding member of the Big City Workshop, Anne Cormier is also a professor of architecture at the Université de Montréal and a researcher at the Laboratory for the Study of Potential Architecture (LEAP). A long-time member of the Ordre des Architectes du Québec, where she has held various positions, she is currently a member of the CCUDI of the National Capital Commission (Ottawa).

Catherine Lavarenne

Catherine Lavarenne is co-owner of the wool boutique and handicraft workshop La Société Textile. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Mile End Business Association. She is also a novelist and political attaché at the office of the mayor of Côte-des-Neiges - Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Étienne Angers

Having started his career at Environment Canada's Biosphère, Etienne Angers then put his expertise to the benefit of the RECYC-QUÉBEC Crown Corporation. Among other things, he participated in the setting up and management of various programs. financial assistance to promote sound management of residual materials in Québec organizations and businesses.

Céline Magontier

Céline Magontier is a community organizer, responsible for the Montreal files at the FRAPRU. In addition to issues related to the right to housing, she is interested in social movements and intersectional feminist analysis. She holds a master's degree in sociology and another in sexology.

Jean-François L. Vachon

Long experience in environment and urban planning in Canada and abroad. Director of Planning and Sustainable Development at the City of Bromont for 7 years. He is now working forStratégies immobilières LGP. He is also a lecturer at the Université de Sherbrooke and a administrator at Convercité.

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